​Osprey Scopes Top Four Accessories You Don't Need To Mount

Jul 7th 2021

​Osprey Scopes Top Four Accessories You Don't Need To Mount

Osprey Scope Accessories Built To Be Used Separate To Your Weapon.

In a previous article we talked about osprey Globals most popular weapon mounted accessories of 2021. In this article we are going to talk about Osprey Scopes most popular accessories that stand separate from your weapon. So no green lasers, tactical lights or AR optics. The following Osprey Scope products are going to make your shooting life easier, more efficient and help you stay on target. From Bore Sights to Noise Reducing Ear Protection, these are the best picks for your range kit.

Osprey Scopes Elite Ear Protection:

When you shoot you need hearing protection. You can get hearing loss or permanent damage to your ears if you don’t. So the hearing protection you choose should be quality. Quality means an effective Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) to give you maximum hearing protection. You should also make sure they are ergonomic and comfortable. The more ergonomic and comfortable your hearing protection for shooting is, the more likely they won’t get bumped or become loose at just the wrong moment. It only takes a second to get a permanent ringing in your ear.

Osprey Globals elite ear protection also has an option to increase ambient sound. It basically amplifies any sound at or below talking level so you can easily give instruction or have a conversation at the range while still protecting your hearing. We go over osprey scopes hearing protection in more detail in this article:

"Osprey Scopes: Ear Protection For Shooting."


How Do I Install The Batteries On My Osprey Scope Elite Ear Protection:

Osprey Scopes elite ear muffs have a battery compartment on one of the muffs. Simply pop this off and insert three triple A batteries. Replace the battery cover and you will be able to hear everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Osprey Scopes Laser Bore Sight:

A handy part of any shooting kit is the Osprey Global Bore Sight. Not only did Osprey Global create the original laser bore sight but also holds the american patent for it. Laser bore sights are time, money and ammo saving devices. You can sight in your weapon without even firing a shot. The laser bore sight is a laser shaped like your ammunition, be it 9mm or 223. You insert it into the chamber of your gun and it will project a laser from the barrel. You can now adjust your AR optic or tactical laser to be in line with your crosshair. Use the bore sight at 25 yards and when you fire a live round after using your laser bore sight, you will be within an inch of your target . If you want to read further about osprey global laser bore sights there is a more in depth article "Laser Boresight: The Simple And The Best"

How to Install The Batteries On An Osprey Global Bore Sight:

Installing batteries into the bore sight is simple and easy. Simply unscrew the bottom of the laser bore sight and insert the batteries. Return the cap and it will turn on when chambered into your barrel. Just remember to remove the bore sight before pulling the trigger.

Osprey Scope Spotting Scope:

Osprey Global has two size spotting scopes. The Osprey 15-45x60 spotting scope and the Osprey 20-60x80 spotting scope. Spotting scopes make target shooting a breeze. You can see where your bullets land on the target and see how tight your groupings are. Often simply looking through your scope or optic is not enough magnification to see where your bullets actually went. When you get either the 45 or 60 power magnification and the massive objective to make a crystal clear view you can easily see your Point Of Impact and adjust your shooting accordingly.

How To Use The Osprey Global Spotting Scope:

Osprey Global suggests using a tripod for your Spotting scope. Once it is set up on a tripod and aimed at your target then remove the front and back covers. Look through the eyepiece at your target and use the primary and secondary focus adjusters until the image is clear. Use the zoom ring to magnify the image. With the large objective ( 60mm or 80mm) coupled with the japanese HOYA glass that Osprey Scopes are famous for you'll be able to see all the mistakes you didn't realise you were making.

Osprey Global 600 Yard Rangefinder:

Whether you are hunting, target shooting or playing golf, knowing your distance is important. We cannot eyeball distance and anyone who thinks they can has a rangefinder hidden up their sleeve. Osprey Globals 600m rangefinder is simple, easy to use and compact. You Point it at the target and press the button to find the range of your target. You can then adjust for your bullet dropping. Like anything else in shooting the more you know the better you can prepare.

Battery Installation For Osprey Scopes 600m Rangefinder:

Slide off the battery cap and insert the battery with the negative side to the internal spring. Make sure the ribbon is underneath the battery to make removing the battery easy.

“If you cannot see it you cannot hit it. If you don't know how far it is you'll only wound it.” - Some Hunter


There are so many quality accessories available to make your shooting life easier. Tactical lights, lasers, tactical slings and quick latch mounts to name a few that mount to your weapon. Today we talked about accesories that help us get on target, get comfortable and see what we are hitting and at what distance. The laser bore sight gets us on target and saves us time, money, ammo and frustration. The Elite ear muffs save our precious hearing and the Osprey spotting scope lets you see everything you need and the rangefinder tells you how far you are shooting and lets you adjust accordingly. There's a lot to shooting and if you're anything like me I invest in things that make life better, easier and sink that hog at 400 yards, then I'm in.