Looking for information about Osprey Global Optics products? Below are a list of questions that are commonly asked regarding our range of riflescopes, binoculars, lasers and rangefinder products. If you're still having trouble finding the answer to your question? Feel free to submit a service request through our contact us https://buyospreyglobal.com/contact-us/ 

How Do I Install The Drop Compensators?

Has a detailed article HERE but the basics are easy. Sight in your rifle at 100 yards. Remove the generic turret by removing the three screws in the turret cylinder. Replace with the custom turret making sure the 100 yard mark lines up with the zero hash on the scope. Tighten the three screws and turn to the distance you are aiming within a twenty yard mark.

What Poundage Should I Torque the Scope Rings To?

Most of Ospreys scope rings are built to be tightened to 15-18 pounds. Over tightening can damage the scope.

What Are The Marks On The IRF Reticle Mean?

The IRF reticle dates back to the Vietnam war and was used to measure distance of an 16 inch target. It was used by snipers if they had to range their target. If the top line of the range triangle is across the 16 inch target, which is roughly the size of a mans chest, then the target is 100 yards away. Every increment down is an extra 25 yards. The marks on the reticle are 5 MOA apart.

What Is The Benefit Of a Larger Objective?

A larger objective will allow more light into the scope, making it clearer in low light. Though getting an objective above 56mm you don’t get much more light transition without increasing tube diameter.

How Long Has Osprey Global Been in Business?

Osprey Global has been in business since 1995 and hold the first american patent on the laser boresight.

What Is The Best Riflescope for Hunting?

Depends on what you are hunting and what with. The most popular magnification is 4-16 as it is rare you will need more magnification unless you are doing long range hunting. Osprey Global's most popular hunting scope is the elite series 4-16x56mm due to superior light transition.

What Is The Best AR Optic?

Osprey Globals best selling AR optic is the compact 3-9x42mm rifle scope. Other popular optics are the AR optic 1-6, the osprey global red dot with green laser and the HGMR. Red dots are popular due to their speed at acquiring a target and self defense scenarios but they lack magnification for longer range targets. The Compact 3-9x42 and the 1-6 both have fast target acquisition coupled with magnification appropriate for an AR.

How Do Boresights Work?

Laser boresights are chambered into the rifle or pistol and shine a laser out of the barrel indicating where your point of impact (POI) would have been. You can then adjust your riflescope or laser accordingly. It is best to use a boresight at 20-30 yards and at 100 yards you will be within a few inches of your target, only needing slight adjustments for a perfect zero.

How Do I Use The Osprey Global Warranty If I Need To?

Send us an email at sales@ospreyglobaloptics.com and if we can not find a solution for your issue we will give you an RMA form and an address to send your Osprey product. We will have a new or repaired product back to you withing three business days. A copy of our warranty is HERE

What Distance Should I Sight In A Laser?

When using a laser for self defense it is best to sight it at 25 yards. It is rare to use a laser beyond this distance. Most self defense scenarios are close quarters. If you need to do a longer shot you have time to use a scope or iron sights.

How Do I Attach A Laser To My Pistol?

With Osprey Global all of the pistol lasers attach via a cross bolt onto the picatinny rail underneath the barrel. Not all pistols have this rail but they are common on Glocks and M&P’s

What Is An Etched Reticle?

Most scopes in the under $500 range use stretched wires for reticles. Over time a stretched wire can sag causing an unreliable zero. An etched reticle is etched into the glass and usually found in higher end optics. Since it is etched into the actual glass it cannot sag and is rare for it to lose its zero.

Why would I use an Illuminated Reticle?

You can read our article about it HERE, but basically blue is the best reticle for low light because it doesn’t affect our night vision whereas red and green can shock our retina and hinder our ability to see in the dark. Red and Green reticles are ideal for hog hunting assisted by red or green hoglights.

Can I Sight in a 556 using the 223 Boresight?

Yes. In fact the 223 boresight will also sight in a blackout caliber.

Does a 9mm Boresight Work on a 380?


What Size Tubes are on the Tactical Series?


How far can the Spotting Scope See?

It can see up to a thousand yards but it depends on what you are looking at and what kind of detail you are after.

Do you have a Laser that attaches to a pistol without a rail?

No. but you can get rail systems attached to most pistols now via companies such as Recover Tactical

Where Do I Get Replacement Batteries?

You Can get most Osprey Global Batteries from Local Stores.