Laser Boresight, The Original And The Best

Posted by Team Osprey on Jul 27th 2020

Laser Boresight, The Original And The Best

Windage, Elevation And The History of the Laser Boresight.

Osprey Global hold the original American patent on Laser Boresights. Keith Oliver, the founder and current owner of Osprey Global developed them in the early 2000's. The exact date is September 3rd 2003 for the patent. He originally developed them to sight in primarily Osprey Global tactical riflescopes. When word got out about them, nearly every gun shop in America needed one.

Boresight Copy Cats

As with anything successful, copy cat boresights were soon on the market. Some companies tried to adjust the patent enough in various ways. Some would stick an adjustable laser in the barrel, some would directly copy Keiths design. Originally Osprey Global fought against the infringement of their patent but with new companies coming out with the boresight almost daily they decided just to let the market develop themselves, realizing that it was an uphill battle.

308 Boresights to 22 boresighters.

Osprey make over 20 different kinds of boresights. The most popular calibers are the 223 boresighter which will also boresight a .556 and a blackout, which makes it popular amongst many tactical platforms. The second most popular boresight is the 30-06 boresight due to it being such a popular hunting round in America. Instead of having to find somewhere to live fire before a hunting trip to ensure your scope is still on target, hunters use the 30-06 or their chosen round boresighter to quickly and safely check the accuracy of the rifle and riflescope.

Laser Boresight Design.

The original laser boresight design is a casing the shape of the caliber of the round, for example a 223/556 casing that will fit inside your rifle or pistol. Batteries go in the bottom of the unit sending a red laser out the front of the barrel showing what the P.O.I ( point of impact) would be. Many people have entire collections of 9mm boresights to 50BMG boresights.

Laser Boresighter, Osprey Globals Entire Selection.

At Osprey Global we have over 22 calibers with more on the way. You can browse our collection of boresights  here. We are coming out with a green 223/556 boresight instead of red and are in the process of developing the 6.5 creedmore caliber but do not have a rease date as of yet. 

How To Use The Laser Bore Sight Correctly.

The process is the same if you are sighting in a pistol, AR optic, riflescope or laser.

  1. Firstly set up your optic to be sighted in. So either mount the scope onto the rifle or attach the laser to the rail.
  2. Point the pistol or rifle at a wall 20-30 yards away.
  3. Put the batteries in the Bore sight by unscrewing the base and inserting the three batteries. Screw the cap back on.
  4. Insert it into the barrel of your rifle or pistol as you would for a live round.
  5. A red laser should shine out of the barrel indicating you Point Of Impact ( P.O.I)
  6. Adjust your windage and elevation accordingly until the red dot meets the center cross-hair or laser dot.
  7. Live fire a round and you will be within 3 inches of the target.

Bore Sights Are Not Training Lasers:

Do not confuse Osprey Globals Bore Sights with a training laser.  Training lasers are useful tools that help you practice aiming and groupings without firing any ammo. You essentially insert your caliber cartridge into your weapon and dry fire the weapon. Every time you dry fire a laser shows you your Point Of Impact ( POI). This will help you get better shooting technique and the free app that comes with it will give you feedback and show you your groupings of ten shots. We use Six Bullets training lasers and you can find more information on the how to use training lasers here.

Boresighters, are they necessary?

Long story short a laser boresight will save you money and time at the range. If you are sighting in a self defense laser it will be accurate enough to get you a center of mass shot in a close quarter situation. It is always a good idea to know how to sight in your optic without a laser boresight.It is also true that everyone should be able to change a tire, but sometimes it is more rewarding to take the easy way out.