Top Three Accessories For Hunting.(UPDATED 2021)

Posted by Team Osprey on Jul 29th 2020

Top Three Accessories For Hunting.(UPDATED 2021)

Rifle, Check,Riflescope, Check: What Now?

So you have your caliber and your riflescope now you need some accessories. It can be difficult to decide exactly what you need due to the sheer amount of add-ons available.Everyone has different applications, rifles and ideal set ups. One person may want every laser and light available, tricking their Tactical platform out with every bell and whistle you can imagine. Some may simply want the smallest AR optic available. I have collected 3 accessories that I have found very useful for different situations. These are accessories that make life easy, not necessarily make you look cool. Then again maybe making something easy Is the whole point.


A boresight is the most simple and useful accessory that I see frequently overlooked.. The a Boresight was invented by Osprey Global founder Keith Oliver in 2001. We hold the American patent for the cartridge shell design and it it still considered to be the most accurate design for the boresight. It makes sighting in your riflescope or red dot easy and quick. It is a laser that comes in different caliber casings from .22 to a 308. You find your caliber, some of which double up; The 223 will also chamber into.556 and blackout. Set up your gun and scope, chamber the boresight, and it will emit a red laser dot showing you at 25 yards where the point of impact (POI) is. Adjust your scope accordingly. When you take your first shot at a hundred yards you will be within 4 inches of your target. They are also great to double check your zero hasn’t moved before a hunting trip. Noting worse than realizing you have lost your zero after missing your first buck of the season. Check out our Boresight collection to see if we have your caliber..

AR Sling and Rifle Slings, Even A Pot Has A Handle

Another simple but useful addition is a Tactical Sling. Many people buy their Tactical Platform or rifle, deck it out with bells and whistles, but never think how they are going to control it. Being in control of your weapon is important at all times. I feel that is worth repeating: Being in control of your weapons is important at all times.Think about it, you may have to go single handed when opening doors or using a radio. What are you going to do? Stand your rifle up against the wall, lay it on the ground or tuck it under your arm? The sling is perfect for controlling your weapon in these scenarios. There are single and double point slings. Single point are your classic hunting rifle slings that attach one point to the front and one to the back of the rifle making it easy to shoulder it as you walk. The single point slings More commonly it is used to shoulder your weapon as you walk. Single point slings are fast and make the firearm easily accessible since there’s only one point of attachment. The sling is typically attached to the rear of the lower reciever or to QD mounts built right into the lower receiver. Once you attach a sling it becomes invaluable to staying in control of your rifle in a safe and efficient manner.

Night Vision Monocle, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

The third accessory I found beyond useful while I was hog hunting. The Rangefinder Night Vision; It is a night vision monocle with 6x magnification and doubles up as a rangefinder. This is ideal when hunting at night. You may even already have a night vision or thermal scope. This is the perfect complement to that. When you hunt during the day you have binoculars so it stands to reason that at night you want something to spot the animals without having to pick up the gun and squint through the scope every time. The added bonus of Ospreys' Night Vision is once you find a hog you can press the button and you know exactly how far away it is so you can adjust your shot accordingly. If you have ever shot thermal then you know its major downfall is judging distance due to poor depth of field; It could be a small hog close or a large hog far away. The Osprey Global Rangefinder Night Vision is the ultimate solution to multiple low light hunting problems.

Rifle Accessories, How Many Should I Get?

There are so many add-ons, attachments accessories available depending on if you are hunting, using it for your PDW ( Personal Defense Weapon) or simply dressing it up to hang on your wall. ( trust me, its a thing) You can attach lasers or lights to your rails, zoom levers to your riflescopes or off set mounts for your AR Platform. There are grips, monocles, mono pods, Earmuffs, vests and anything else you can think of. One thing I like to think of is "what is it doing for me?" If all it is doing is adding ounces then remember that

"Ounces turn to pounds and pounds turn to pain"

That is a direct quote from anyone who added too many accessories to their rifle. Basically it is a situation where less usually means a whole lot more.