Osprey Lasers: A Buyers Guide and Reviews

May 4th 2021

Osprey Lasers: A Buyers Guide and Reviews

How To Choose An Osprey Laser And Other Mysteries

This article leads on from last month's “How Osprey Lasers Make You A Better Neighbour”. We outlined the practicality behind lasers. We made the case for how they can actually stop you from having to pull the trigger. Go back and read that article if you haven't already. This week we are going to unpack a few popular Osprey Lasers and look at which weapons they are most suited for.

Osprey Scopes Makes More Than Just Green Lasers

So the green is our most popular color laser. You would know that if you were paying attention to the previous article. You would also remember that all Ospreys green lasers have a full power green laser as standard. Even the pistol lasers have that full-strength Osprey green laser in them. This means that no matter which Osprey green laser you get, you will not be lacking power or visibility. This is ideal if using for self-defense and you want to be tactically ready for all situations.

This may come as a surprise but we also have various red and blue lasers available. There are articles HERE to outline in more detail the benefits of each color for which situation. So now you know there are more than two types of music; country AND western. You also know that there's more than a green laser option available for your weapons. You learn something new every day. Red, green and blue is for more than just flannel and Christmas trees.

Osprey Global Laser Mounted On 9mm S&W

Buy your weapon with the tactical attachments in mind

Half the fun of owning an AR is building it from scratch. You start with an upper, a lower receiver and a handful of springs and screws. When you finish the build you could have yourself a weapon from hell that the punisher would be scared to shoot. Not knowing exactly what it's going to look like when it is finished is a huge part of the attraction. There's also a feeling of satisfaction when you build something yourself.

It makes sense to do some planning before you build or buy. If you want to hunt hogs then get something with put down power. If you are going to conceal then you want it to fit in your holster and in your hand. If you want a scope or RMR then you need to have the rails for them to mount to. Think about your end-goal application.

If you want a laser, make sure you have built-in that option before you hit a dead end. It is a common mistake to only think of the accessories as an afterthought. The accessories finish the customisation of the gun. They are the cherry on the cake; They make it personal and perfect for you and your needs. If you want a 45 degree offset laser mount then it might be best to avoid AK platforms: AK platforms don't come with end barrel rails which makes accessories difficult. If you want an Osprey green Battlegrip laser flashlight combination DO NOT buy an AR pistol*. If you want a laser on your handgun make sure you have a rail to attach it to.

"Don't force that round peg in a square hole"-My fourth Grade Teacher

We often see people trying to attach lasers as an afterthought. They get a brand new gun and then they see all Ospreys Lasers and light combinations and decide they want one. They look with desire at the entire Osprey laser selection like kids in a candy store. The new gun owner will see the Osprey Green Laser Combinations for handguns or The Osprey Rifle Blue Laser for tactical platforms and get excited over the plethora of options. They might see the Rechargeable mini green laser or one of the many other tactical laser options. They then decide they need that on their new toy. If they haven't thought ahead and planned for the attachment then they may have no way to install it. So save yourself a tantrum at the Osprey table when you can't get what you want: PLAN AHEAD.

We aren't saying have everything set in stone but have at least a vague idea of what you want. I mean Abraham Lincoln had six hours to cut down a tree and he spent 4 hours sharpening his ax. Long story short: preparation is key to any successful project.

Other ways to attach Osprey Lasers

There are other ways to attach the Osprey lasers to your weapon. We have a lot of people who have a gun they simply love. Something they have been shooting for years or a classic firearm they don't want to compromise on. The only issue is that there may be no rails for attachments.

The 1911 handgun is a prime example. It is a great firearm, works well and is a complete classic. The only issue is that it has no rails for attaching an Osprey Rail Laser of some description. We have recently been working with Recover Tactical. They make aftermarket rails for Glock, Beretta and 1911 frames. If you have a handgun that doesn't come with attachment rails these aftermarkets may be an easy and affordable solution. They are a hardened compound that clicks onto the frame of your weapon and allow you to have rails on your weapon.

Osprey Scopes Quad Rails

Many AR platforms don't have attachment rails as standard. The fun bit is that they all come with the ability to have rails installed. All ARs will come with optic rails on top for your scope or red dot or another primary optic. Any extra rails for attachments are frequently added as an aftermarket. If you want 45 degree mounted sights, Osprey Laser designators or any other addition then those extra rails are going to come in handy.

The easiest way to get extra rails is to pop off the standard AR handguard and install an Osprey Quad Rail.The Easiest way to install a quad rail is to get a drop-in quad rail. Considering this is an article on lasers and not a gunsmithing course we will only cover the basics. A drop-in quad rail is a quad rail that comes in two separate pieces. Undo the two pieces and install them over your barrel and you can attach everything you will ever need.

Free Floating Quad rails/ Key Mod/ M-Loc:

Free Floating handguards are a little trickier to install, but they do give you more control with rail placement and configuration. Key Mod and M-Loc handguards have mini rails that let you choose exactly where you need your rails. You can change them to fit any customization you can imagine. Since we aren't building AR’s merely outfitting them we will leave that subject for another article.

Top 3 Osprey Global Lasers And What To Put Them On

5) Osprey Global Green Laser Designator: The Poor Mans Night Vision.

The Osprey Global green laser designator is commonly known as the Hog-laser. It is a quick-release osprey green laser that can focus down to a narrow powerful 5mw rifle green laser. The benefit of this laser is that it can also expand to a green light. The expanded light is ideal for hog hunting. You can spot a hog and the hog won't see the light as they cannot see green. You can pull the trigger because it is still sighted as a laser.

There are also reticles that install directly to the laser. This means that it has a crosshair when it expands. It feels like a poor man's night vision. A green light that illuminates the night and is a sighting tool as well as a hogs worst nightmare.

Best Weapon For The Osprey Global Green Laser Designator:

AR 10 would be the knee-jerk weapon for the laser designator. AR 10 because you feed it 308 and it will chew up hogs and spit out the bones. It will also attach to any AR platform from blackout to 223. It mounts on any Picatinny rail, under the barrel, or on a 45 offset mount. Wherever you mount it make sure the on switch feels natural and you can thumb it on fast.

4) Green Rail Laser For Pistol. Only Right Handers Need Apply

Osprey Green Laser Mounted On Kanik 45

Ospreys Green Rail Laser is a long-standing favorite of the Osprey Laser range. It fits both AR platforms and pistols but is more suited to the pistol. It has a fast switch-on mechanism; You tap it from right to left in a smooth movement. It gives you complete control of your laser without complex switches.

This laser has an added benefit. It has a slim profile with a Picatinny rail. This gives you the option to add a light to the bottom of the laser. It is like building your own green laser combination. The 230-lumen pistol light fits on there and has the same easy switch as the green rail laser. Having the same style/location switch means you can turn both or choose a single function with an easy a swift flick of the finger.

Best Weapon For Ospreys Green Rail Laser.

Any full-size pistol will sport the green rail laser if it has the Picatinny rails. Popular with all 9mm pistols from the F&N to the Beretta. The most popular weapon for the green rail laser and 230-lumen pistol light combination is the Smith and Wesson M&P M2.0.

3)Rechargeable Green Laser ( Best For Conceal Carry)

Ospreys Mini Green Rechargeable laser is an ambidextrous laser built for compact handguns. You can switch it on with either your left or right hand, meaning it is easy to turn on in every situation. The other benefit of buttons over switches is that they are impossible to accidentally turn on.

The fact that it recharges via a simple cord means you never have to find and replace batteries ever again. The other benefit is that you can charge it on your bedside table or off the USB in your truck.

Best weapon for Ospreys Mini Green Rechargeable Laser

Perfect for sub-compact weapons with only a singular rail. It is popular amongst the triple rail pistols as well due to the fact that it has a trigger guard recess built-in. This means it can snugly fit even full-size pistols. The most popular handgun for the Mini green rechargeable laser is the HELLCAT. The Hellcat has become increasingly popular with conceal carry. Its short barrel and single rail fits the miniature green laser perfectly.

2)Osprey Green Laser Combo For Pistol : Everything You Need

It doesn't matter which hand you favour with this unit. The light and the laser function is easily operated from the left or right hand side. A 200 lumen light and a 5mw green rifle laser embedded in the sleek device make for easy switching between the two. Whatever the situation demands the Osprey Green Laser Combo will be ready for it.

Best Weapons For the Osprey Green Laser Combo For Pistol:

The Osprey Green Laser Combo fits the FNX-45 perfectly. It is also popular with the M&P 9mm range or any full size pistol with a three rail system.

1) Green Laser Battlegrip With Flashlight.

The Osprey Global Green Laser Battlegrip With Flashlighthas everything you need for a tactical platform. It has a 500 lumen light with disorienting strobe, a 5mw rifle green laser and a tactical dim light. The big light is for dazzling, blinding and identifying targets. The green laser is for intimidating and sighting enemies. The dim light is so you can see where you are going without giving away your position. It all comes together to be the apex predator of the Osprey Global Laser Selection.

Best Weapon For The Green Laser With Flashlight.

The best weapons would be any AR platform. Blackouts, 308 and 223 all lend themselves to this multi purpose laser unit. In fact you can even put it on tactical shotguns for good measure.

Summary Of Osprey Globals Laser Selection And Reviews

Best way to choose a laser is to start with the weapon and what you want to get done with it. If you want a laser make sure you have somewhere to put it. When you get your set up make sure you practice with it. Remember:

"A bad workman will quarrel with his tools." -Good Workmen Everywhere

*A Note On Forward Grips And AR Pistols.

There is a law stating that you cannot add a vertical grip to an AR pistol. The basic belief is that you are altering the function of the weapon, transforming the original use. The original use is a weapon used to be handled with a single hand to a weapon used by two hands.

Whether we agree or disagree with this arbitrary rule is beside the point. The point is if you want to install any grip on your AR pistol please read up before purchase. We found this article helpful.