Best Hunting Scope Right now

Posted by Team Osprey on Jul 29th 2020

Best Hunting Scope Right now

Is This My New Favorite Hunting Scope?

Osprey Optics In Use

Elite Series 4-16x56 is one of the most versatile Illuminated reticle scopes that Osprey Global make. I originally planned to put it on my new 300 win that I had ordered. This quarantine put that plan on hold so I ended up replacing my current AR optic off my AR 10 and went for an afternoon at the range.Gotta say, that sucker ain’t coming off!

Scope with long eye relief

Osprey Optics are industry leaders in making a scope with a long eye relief. This means that your head and eye doesn’t have to be in the ‘sweet spot’, meaning you can get a whole view quicker, getting you on target much faster. I can throw that 4-16 scope up almost as fast as a red dot, but with the back end power of 16 magnification I can also push out to long distance hunting and targets of well over 500 yards. This is IDEAL for an AR 10 with a long barrel, but wouldn’t hesitate to put it on as my full time 223 AR Optic. It is more than perfect for all hunting rifles from 30-06 to 7 mag.

Etched Reticle Means Heavy Duty

The scope comes with industrial strength triple lock down rings, laser etched reticles and capped turrets. This means you don’t have to buy anything to have that bad boy mounted and it stands up to anything a 308 or 300 will throw at it. In fact the scope itself has been tested to 50BMG. Go ahead; put it on a fifty cal. I dare ya. Laser etched reticles also means that the zero won’t go wandering, just make sure you have 50BMG rated steel rings.

Light Transmission

Osprey Globals slogan is ‘the proof is in the glass’ and it didn’t disappoint. The light transmission is superb as we have come to expect, but the larger objective bell was noticeable at dusk. Most scopes have between 32ml to 50 ml objectives, increasing that to a 56mm objective bell made a huge difference in the low light. In fact of the six guns with assorted brands of scopes on them, that 4-16 was the last man shooting as the sun went down.

Ospreys Warranty

The warranty is solid as well, and states that no matter what happens they will repair or replace it, even if it gets dropped or ran over. I am rough on my gear so it makes me confident when hunting or just riding in the ranch truck.

Hunting season Hurry Up

I think this is one of the most adaptable and all round scopes Osprey Global have. Ample magnification, great turrets and excellent light transition combine to create a crystal clear and comfortable hunting experience. It left me wanting for nothing but more ammo and a closer hunting season.