Boresight 308,243,7mm-08

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Osprey Global 308/243 boresights will show your point of impact without firing a round. Sight in your laser or red dot on your 243/308 simply and easily. Osprey Global 308/243 Boresights are the original boresights, with Osprey Global holding the original American patent. Simply insert the boresight into your chamber and adjust your laser or optic accordingly. You may need to make minor adjustments with live ammunition. Save money and time on sighting in your weapon. Sight in at 25 yards before using live rounds.

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The Osprey Global 308 boresight will help you sight in your scope, red dot or laser without wasting ammunition. Just insert the boresight as you would your regular round. The Osprey Global 308 boresight will project a red laser through the barrel. At thiry yards adjust your windage and elevation until the red laser and your crosshairs are lined up with the boresight laser. At a hundred yards you will now be on paper.

Laser Boresight: Original and the Best

  • Material:  High Quality Brass
  • Laser Wavelength:  635-655nm
  • LED Type:  Visible Red Laser
  • Sighting Range: 15~100yards
  • Dot Size:  1.5" @ 100 yds
  • Laser Beam: <5 mW
  • Batteries Model:  3 of AG3